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Our topic today is one of the methods that can be used to inspect a metal for defects without damaging the component being examined.

Ultrasonic Testing ….UT for short; is one of several methods of non destructive testing.

In principle UT is a simple process. High frequency sound waves are sent from one surface of the metal toward the opposite surface and if a defect is encountered, the sound waves are blocked or scattered.  The larger the defect, more sound waves are affected.

A reference standard representing the material and flaw characteristics is commonly used to calibrate the equipment and establish the criteria for rejection and acceptance. Allowable maximum flaw size is often expressed in terms of the equivalent of a flat bottom hole in the reference standard; 5/64 FBH for example.

Another technique uses the percentage of sound intensity lost as a criteria for acceptance.

A transducer is used to generate and receive the sound waves. Various types are used for different applications. The most common are straight beam (longitudinal wave) and angle beam (shear wave).

In contact UT, the transducer is in contact with the part through a thin fluid couplant gel that assures efficient transfer of the acoustic waves.

In immersion UT, the transducer and part are immersed in a water bath that serves as the couplant.

Depending on Inspection requirements, the surface finish is a consideration. Hot rolled or rough machined surfaces may not be suitable for producing an acceptable test result. Remember this when attempting to conduct a UT.

All Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) is intended to confirm the quality of a part and requires careful planning.  Many parts require inspections at multiple steps in fabrication.

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