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What’s up guys? Michael with Michael Talks Metal back for more metal musings. For video 117 we are taking you viewers on a trip to Europe, at least in spirit as we take a look at one of their standards…. EN 10204.

I can almost hear some of you saying “Michael, what the heck is EN 10204?” That’s a great question.

EN 10204 is all about various types of material certifications and defines detailed requirements for each degree of documentation.

Whenever it is invoked there should be one of four types specified.

Beginning with the most basic certification type:

EN 10204  2.1 – has the requirements for what in the US is commonly known as a Certificate of Compliance, Certificate of Conformance,  or just  “C of C”.  Simple statement of compliance with the order, specifications, etc by the supplier. Does not require any data in support of the statement.

EN 10204  2.2 – is a statement of compliance that also includes non-specific data in support of the statement.  For example, if a 2.1 document certified the alloy as “4140”, a  2.2 document would provide the allowable range of chemical composition 4140 but the actual chemistry is not required.

EN 10204 3.1 – not only a statement of compliance…… specific data for the material  supplied is  required.  In addition, the inspection authority has to be independent from the manufacturing department.

EN 10204  3.2 – All the requirements of 3.1 but with either the purchasers authorized inspection authority or a third party inspection authority added.

Each step up has added requirements to the previous type so a higher type is always an acceptable document.

Typically the inspection document would include EN 10204  and type  when required.

Specifications and standards can become complicated in a hurry, We hope this has been useful to you and don’t forget to…CHECK THE SPECS!!!!!!!!!

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