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What’s up guys? This is Michael with Michael Talks Metal back for another session on some metal nomenclature, some jargon, lingo, you know WORDS!  Last week we started with just some of those WORDS describing steel products. If you have not seen that video or would like to review before we go further… click here.

We are using English units of measure (UOM) in our examples, but metric units are also often seen.

Today our example description is 2 INCH RD 4140 CF ANN BAR …… CF for Cold Finished instead of last weeks’ HR for hot rolled. All steel products are Hot Rolled or Hot Finished prior to being Cold Finished.

Cold finished is a generic term that includes the following more specific terms:
CR for Cold Rolled
CD for Cold Drawn
G&P for Ground and Polished
T&P for Turned and Polished
TG&P for Turned, Ground and Polished

Sometimes CR has been used as the generic term…..

What about the length?

Steel mill products are typically produced in variable lengths.
The most common description here is R/L for Random Length. Additional descriptions may include minimum or maximum and the dimensions.

12 FT R/L ……. 12 FT is the nominal middle of the length range
12 FT MIN R/L ……….. 12 FT is the minimum of the lengths
12 / 14 FT R/L …………..Lengths will be between 12 and 14 FT

Length might also be in MULTS…… multiples of a length.
3 FT MULTS ….. Lengths would 3FT, 6FT, 9FT, etc

Length might also be in specific lengths C/L for cut length or D/L for dead length
12 FT D/L
6 FT C/L

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little of the jargon that goes with steel products. Often much of what we have presented here can be contained in a specification instead of in a lengthy detailed description.

Additional specifications and part requirements can alter what we have shown you here today.

SO CHECK THE SPECS !!!!!!!!!!! And visit us at our website www.michlinmetals.com thanks for watching. This is Michael with Michael Talks Metal, see you next Thursday, 10am! I’m out.