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What’s up guys?!?!?! It’s Michael and we’re back again for video 118 and we are still in Europe. Looks kids there’s Big Ben and Parliament. European Vacation? Cmon! Today we will explain how an European Union regulation known as RoHS (pronounced Row Haas) affects a metal component subject to this regulation.

So what does the acronym RoHS stand for?
Restriction oHazardous Substances
EU legislation provides for limits of certain substances that are considered harmful and applies to electronics and electrical industry products. Many of these substances are chemical compounds, but a few are metallic elements that might be found in the composition of an alloy.
We are restricting this video to metal parts and alloys.
Since this is a European Union regulation, it can be modified by additional legislation so be sure you recognize that the information presented today is subject to change.
Metallic elements Lead ( Pb ) and Mercury ( Hg)  are limited to 1000 PPM ..
Parts per Million or 0.1% by weight.  Current regulations provide an exemption  for higher lead levels when it is an alloying element in steel, aluminum, and copper.  Exemptions are set to expire at the end of 2024. They have been extended in past revisions.
Cadmium ( Cd ) limits are 100 PPM or 0.01% by weight.
Cadmium is found in batteries and coatings for corrosion protection of other metal parts.
Chromium in its hexavalent form. Cr VI is restricted to  the 1000 PPM  level.
When present as an alloy in steel, aluminum, and copper, the chromium is trivalent and as such is not restricted.  Cr VI is found most often in plating and chemical compounds for corrosion protection.
Since many electronic and electrical products are manufactured and sold worldwide, compliance with many other national and international requirements can come into play on even the smallest part. So, as far as RoHS is concerned that wraps us up. This will be where I tell you to never forget to CHECK THE SPECS !!!!!!
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