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What’s up guys!?!?!? It’s Michael with Michael Talks Metal back for another session on some steel subjects. Today we’re talkin Radiography, and that reminds me, what do you think people meant when they always used to tell me that I had a great face for radio? Well, that’s neither here nor there, comment below if you agree or better yet DISagree.

Today’s topic is one that most of us actually have some personal experience with. Dental X-ray? Broken bone?

If so, you have seen how an x-ray can reveal the internal structure and reveal defects to your dentist or doctor.

Radiography can also be used to detect defects in metal components, it just takes a more powerful source of x-rays or gamma rays to do the job.

Depending on the configuration of the component, multiple exposures at different orientations may be required to provide confidence that any flaw would be detected.

Images can produce a record of the examination and its results for later review or for comparison after a longer time in service.  Just like my dentist does.

So far this sounds like a really good method of inspection, so there must be some reason it’s typically used exclusively on critical components.

If you guessed it’s the cost…you are correct. Compared to other forms of inspection this one is up there. Radiation is also very hazardous and requires significant protection from exposure so there is a safety issue in addition to the cost of the process.

Both ultrasonic testing and radiography provide an internal examination of a component. Ultrasonics rely on the deflection of sound waves by the flaw while radiography relies on the difference in absorption of the radiation passing through the part.

All Non Destructive Evaluation is intended to confirm the quality of a part and requires very careful planning. Critical parts often require testing at various stages of production or validation after a time in service.

As you can imagine all of this gets really complicated and is best left to the design and quality engineers.  For the rest of us….never forget to CHECK THE SPECS!!!!!! Twice.

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