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So what is MP35N or in the UNS system R30035?

Well , it’s an alloy of  Cobalt, Nickel, Chromium , and Molybdenum that can be age hardened to high strength after being cold worked.

In Aerospace applications, there are three applicable AMS specifications for bar stock. All require that the material is Vacuum Induction Melted (VIM)  followed by a Consumable Electrode Vacuum Melt (CEVM) .

MP35N UNS R30035 Chemical Composition: 
Carbon0.025 % Max
Manganese0.15 % Max
Silicon0.15% Max
Phosphorus0.015 % Max
Sulfur0.010 % Max
Chromium19.00 – 21.00 %
Nickel33.00 – 37.00 %
Molybdenum9.00 – 10.50 %
Titanium1.00 % Max
Iron1.00 % Max

The three AMS specifications have different requirements  for the condition:

AMS 5758  for the solution treated condition

Solution treatment is typically in the range 1900 to 1925 deg F  for 4 to 8 hours

Mechanical properties:

Tensile strength    115, 000  –  145,000  psi

Yield strength           35,000  –  65,000   psi

Elongation                         50 % Min

Reduction of Area              65 % Min

Requires additional cold work and then age hardening to develop high strength in fabricated parts.


AMS 5844 for solution treated and cold worked condition

Requires only an additional age hardening heat treatment of parts to develop high strength


AMS 5845 for solution treated, cold worked, and age hardened

Mechanical properties:

Tensile strength               260,000  psi Min

Yield strength                   230,000 psi Min

Elongation                               8 % Min

Reduction of Area                   35 % Min

AMS specifications contain additional requirements than just what we have shown you today.  Other specifications and part requirements can also apply.

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