Titanium 6AL 4V (Ti 6AL 4V ELI)

Shapes Available

  • Flat Bar
  • Hex Bar
  • Plate
  • Round Bar
  • Sheet


  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Petrochemical
  • Wind Power

Industry Names

  • Ti 6Al 4V
  • 6Al 4V Eli


  • Aircraft Applications
  • Aircraft Structural Parts
  • Bearings
  • Fan Shafts In Commercial Jet Engines
  • Fasteners
  • Medical Instruments

Titanium 6Al-4V is the most common among the alpha-beta Ti alloys. Typically annealed the material can be heat treated to induce more strength. Generally, Ti 6al 4v is resistant to corrosion but when placed in certain environments the protective oxide might breakdown and some corrosion might occur. This grade is one of the better Ti alloys regarding chloride stress corrosion cracking. Ti 6Al 4V is available in round bar, plate and sheet. If something custom is required, call Michlin now for any assistance.  Call us now! 847-272-3240


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Who sells 6AL-4v Titanium? Who Supplies 6AL-4V ELI? Who distributes 6AL-4v?

Please contact us to request a quote. We specialize in hard to find material.

We work closely with many manufacturers in the aerospace & defense industry. We work with NADCAP approved heat treaters and testing laboratories. We can supply DFARS compliant material.

Chemical Composition
Al5.5 6.75
C- 0.08
Fe- 0.3
N- 0.05
Ti- Balance
V3.5 4.5
Other- *O - Max 0.2, Y - Max 0.005, H - Max 0.0125
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