410 Stainless Steel

Shapes Available

  • Round Bar
  • Sheet


  • Manufacturing
  • Natural Gas
  • Oil Refining

Industry Names

  • 410
  • 410 Stainless
  • 410 Stainless Steel


  • Stainless Steel


  • AMS 5504
  • ASTM A240
  • UNS S41000


  • Distillation Trays
  • Gate Valves
  • Mining machinery
  • Petrochemical Equipment


  • Good General Corrosion Resistance
  • Hardenable Stainless Which May Be Tempered as High as 1350F to Produce High Impact Toughness.
  • Oxidation Resistant Through 1500°F Intermittently


410 Stainless Steel is a martensitic stainless steel with 12% chromium. 410 is used in fresh water and mildly acidic applications that require good general corrosion resistance. In addition, 410 shouldn’t be used for applications that require high corrosion resistance or high temperatures above 1200°F. 410 stainless steel is magnetic. If you want more info on 410 please watch the video below:

Who sells 410 Stainless Steel? Who Supplies 410? Who distributes 410 Stainless?

Please contact us to request a quote. We specialize in hard to find material.

We work closely with many manufacturers in the aerospace & defense industry. We work with NADCAP approved heat treaters and testing laboratories. We can supply DFARS compliant material.

Metal Properties
Electrical Resistivity 343 Ohms (circ mil./ft.)
Melting Range 2723 °F
Modulus of Elasticity 29x106
.2% Yield Strength 32-42 ksi
Density 0.276 lb/inch³
Elongation 20-40 %
Ultimate Tensile Strength 60-75 ksi
Chemical Composition
C- .15
Cr11.5 13.5
Fe- Bal
Mn- 1.0
Ni- .75
P- .04
S- .03
Si- 1.0
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