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What’s up guys?!?! Michael with Michael Talks Metal, back for video number 125.

Today is the first of a series of episodes where we are going to learn a little more about Nickel alloys in general and alloy 625 in particular.

If you have not seen our prior video on alloy 625 or if you need to review……..Click Here.

Ok, let’s do this!

We are using a typical test report for our exercise Full image of MTR first page found here. In this instance the producer is the owner of the trademark for Inconel 625, who happens to be Speical Metals.

On the first page header, the first thing we note is that there are several corporate entities…..Huntington Alloys, Special Metals (remember, the ones who own the trademark name Inconel), and PCC


Who owns the inconel trademark name

Next we have the certificate ID and date

certificate id and date of production inconel 625

Mill and customer order numbers



and the heat-lot identity of the material

heat lot identity of material

Just below that we have the UNS designation for the alloy

UNS Number of material 625

The next section describes the material  ….alloy…… Electric arc melted, AOD refined, and Electroslag remelted.

625 material description

Bars are Hot finished, centerless ground, and in annealed condition and  1.5 inch nominal diameter in random lengths ….. 10 lengths – 715 lbs

Hot finish cg annealed 625 description

Our next section lists the applicable specifications and revision level. Note that we have only partial compliance on  B / SB 564.

625 Specifications

Looks like we are just about out of time for today so we will pause right now to remind you to always…..CHECK THE SPECS!!!

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