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What’s up guys?!?!?! Michael back again for video number 126 with a little more about Inconel 625.

Last time we left off after a brief discussion of the header and description sections of the test report.

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Picking up where we left off last time, the next section is the chemical analysis for this material.   Percentage shown is by weight.  So in 100 lbs of alloy, 60.7 lbs is elemental Nickel.

625 Chemistry

The mill is also telling us the method used for analysis…… X Ray Fluorescence for the heavier elements. In addition, Carbon and Sulfur use a combustion technique noted here as C/S

Carbon Sulkfur and XRAY 625


Up next is a longitudinal tensile test at room temperature….

Material is Annealed condition, 25.9 Hardness on the Rc scale, 146.3 KSI Tensile strength,87.3 KSI yield strength, Elongation 40.9 % in 2″ gauge length , and a reduction of area of 53 %.

625 Tensile Test

Next we have some detail about the anneal…1725 DEG F for 7.2 minutes and then air cooled


625 Heat Treatment

In the next section we have a tested grain size of 10

625 Grain Size

In this next section we have the results of three samples Charpy Impact tested at minus 75 degrees F.

625 Impact Charpy 3 test results

Lets look at the first sample and see what is reported…

Sample is in the Annealed condition, 10×10 mm test bar, 8 mm striker used to break the sample, and the notch was oriented in the longitudinal – radial orientation relative to our bar material.

Absorbed energy which is labeled J/SQ (which stands for joules per square centimeter) is recorded in metric units as well as in Ft LB (Foot pounds)

Average of the three values in Foot Lbs is shown next to the values of each sample

On the next line we see the test temperature,the lateral expansion and the percentage of shear measured on the fractured sample.

Well this looks like a great place to stop for today. Tune in next week for the remainder of our explanation on this material test report aka an MTR for Inconel 625 also, as long as we’re all still here I will gently remind you to….CHECK THE SPECS !!!!!!

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