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What’s up guys? Michael with Michael Talks Metal back for the 127 th time. This episode is the conclusion of our trilogy on an Inconel 625 certification.

If you missed either of the prior two click here for part one and here for part two.

This final section contains a long list of certification statements, so lets get going.

First up is a reference to ultrasonic testing performed on the material and that testing was performed prior to cutting to final length. As you can see the actual data sheet “is attached”. We will not be drilling that far into the UT test report so just trust me when I tell you that the mill is telling the truth and that the test report is in fact attached later in the sequence of documents. Again, not for our review today

UT Testing - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

No weld repair has been performed on this material.

No Weld Repair - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

Material has been produced in compliance with aerospace standard AS6279

Meets AS6279 - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

Next we have a section explaining abbreviations used on the report.

Abbreviations - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

Location of samples used for the impact tests were taken at the center of our inch and a half diameter bar.

Location of Test Samples - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

Material was melted and manufactured in the USA and meets the specified origin requirements for defense contracts

DFARS - USA MELT Confirmation - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

Next we have confirmation that data presented is accurate and all testing is in compliance with specifications.

Validated Data - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

So now we have a group of statements documenting approvals of the mill’s Quality System.

European PED … Pressure Equipment Directive

European PED - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

NADCAP Lab certification

NADCAP - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

Huntington Alloys Quality System manual, revision, and date

Quality Systems - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

Quality System Certifications…. Aerospace  AS9100, EN9100, JIS9100 and ISO 9001

Quality Certifications - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

ISO 17025 Lab certification

ISO 17025 Lab certification - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

Last of the system approvals,  we have one from GE Aviation.

GE Aviation Approval - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

A couple of additional statements were intermixed.

Certificate is compliant with EN 10204 type 3.1

EN certificate - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

Material is free of Mercury, low melting, and radioactive contamination at time of shipment and passed visual and dimensional examination.

Passed Visual Inspec - Merc Free - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

and methods of chemical analysis

Methods of Chemical Analysis - Video 127 - Inconel 625 MTR

Well that concludes our 625 certification talks but before YOU forget, I won’t forget to remind you to CHECK THE SPECS!!!! It’s been 3 weeks of nickel so now it’s time to move on. Questions, please ask away in the comments. Thanks for watching. This is Michael with Michael Talks Metal, Michlin Metals is a full service value added supplier and distributor of all things nickel and inconel 625. Check the website for more info www.michlinmetals.com If you are still here and haven’t subscribded please do so now, missed last weeks’ video, click here. Thanks for watching, I will see you same time, same place next week, Thursday, 10am. I’m OUT!