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Today our topic is another of the aloys in the Incoloy family, Incoloy 825.  Incoloy, like Inconel, is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation. Other producing mills cannot use the Incoloy name so the generic versions would not use the Incoloy name.  These Incoloy alloys are primarily composed of Nickel, Chromium, and Iron.  Initially Incoloy 825 was developed for  corrosion applications where stainless steels are inadequate and the much higher nickel content Inconel or Monel  alloys a  more costly solution.

Alloy  825  contains additions of Molybdenum and Copper for enhanced corrosion resistance in reducing environments while the Nickel and Chromium contents provide resistance to oxidizing environments.   Alloy 825 is a fully austenitic solid solution and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. Cold work can increase strength.

Applications include all sorts of components in pollution control, chemical, and petrochemical processing equipment and it is suitable for both oxidizing or reducing environments. NACE approved for sour service environments.  It also resists chloride and pitting corrosion in sea water.

Incoloy 825 is typically limited to applications less than 1000 deg F and below where strength is an issue.  Exposure to higher temperatures can result in a loss of ductility and impact properties.

Incoloy 825 (Alloy 825) N08825 Chemical Composition: 
Nickel38.0 – 46.0 %
Chromium19.5 – 23.5 %
Iron22.0 % Min
Molybdenum2.5 – 3.5 %
Copper1.5 – 3.0 %
Carbon0.05 % Max
Manganese1.0  %  Max
Titanium0.60  – 1.20 %
Aluminum0.2 %  Max
Sulfur0.03 % Max
Silicon0.5 % Max

Density .294 pounds per cubic inch

Room temperature permeability at 200 oersted :

1.005  in the annealed condition

Curie temperature:   lower than minus 320 deg F

Typical room temperature mechanical properties:

Annealed  Condition

Tensile strength        100,000  psi

Yield strength           47,000  psi

Elongation                    45 % min

Incoloy 825 (Alloy 825) Specifications: 
ASTM B 425, ASTM B 564Bar, Rod, and Forgings
ASME SB 425, ASME SB 564Bar, Rod, and Forgings
ASTM  B 424, ASTM B 906Plate and Sheet
ASME SB 424, ASME SB 906Plate and Sheet
ASTM B 163, ASTM B 423, ASTM B 704, ASTM B 705, ASTM B 751Pipe and Tube
ASME SB 163, ASME SB 423, ASME SB 704, ASME SB 705, ASME SB 751Pipe and Tube

Specifications often contain additional requirements  or restrictions to the chemical composition and added process requirements or testing.      So we will once again remind you to …..


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