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What’s up guys?!?! Michael with Michael Talks Metals back for episode 149. We’re almost there everyone…..next week is 150!!!!

Today we will take you through a typical test certificate for an Aluminum bar aka an Aluminum MTR which can be found in full here:

Lets get started. For our example we have a test report for a 7075- T7351 alloy cold finished  flat bar produced by Kaiser Aluminum.

In the top section, we have the production and customer order  numbers and quantity.

Aluminum 7075-T7351 Production customer number

and we have the item description,size, alloy and temper

Aluminum 7075-T7351 material description alloy size temper

The following section has the lot identification, the mechanical properties and the electrical conductivity, and if you want to learn more about that, make sure to tune in next week.

Aluminum 7075-T7351 Lot id - elec cond -mechanical properties

After that, we have the chemical composition for the lot and the limits for each required element .

Aluminum 7075-T7351

Next we have applicable specifications and ISO quality system

Aluminum 7075-T7351 Specs ISO

Below that we have additional specifications, AS quality system, and conformance statements.

Aluminum 7075-T7351 Quality_Conformance_Statements

That’s gonna wrap us up for now. Thanks for watching and here’s where I will remind you to…..CHECK THE SPECS !!!!!   TWICE

If you missed last week’s video… it explained what constitutes a lot….and no it doesn’t explain a great deal of material, silly. It explains what a “lot” means in metal.

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