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What’s up guys?!?!?! This is Michael with Michael Talks Metal back for our 3rd and final round in our trilogy on aircraft quality alloy steel certifications.

If you have not seen the other parts check the links in the description for part 1 and part 2.

This last section of our sample certification contains various statements of compliance that supplement the other sections. The statements on this cert are meant to be examples and are specific to this mill, alloy, and specifications.

The first statement here is a confirmation that the results of tests have been reviewed and approved to the certified specifications we saw in the prior videos.

Approved Test Results - How to Read an MTR

The second statement is indicates that the document is incomplete and therefore inaccurate if any copies are made excluding any data

Document Data Incomplete if Not All Copied -- How to Read an MTR

The next line indicates that the standards for the testing methods were the revisions in effect at the time of production. Some mills would list specific revisions applicable.

Testing of Material at Mill - How to Read an MTR

Next we see that it is a felony under Federal law to violate the integrity of a certification by any party.

Felony if Improperly Copied - How to Read an MTR

Up next we see that the mill has certified that the material has not been contaminated by elements that can lead to embrittlement…..with the caveat  “while in their possession”.

No Contamination While in Their Possession- How to Read an MTR

We see the mill has confirmed that no weld or weld repair has been performed

No Weld or Weld Repair - How to Read an MTR

Here we see a reminder that the tests reported were specific samples and additional testing may produce a different result within specification limits

Test Results Based Solely on Material Tested As Is - How to Read an MTR

The material was melted by a separate Republic mill…. in this case in Canton Ohio  MELTED IN USA.

Electric furnace  melted and billet cast with a 16.5 to 1 reduction from cast size to bar.

Melted By Republic - How to Read an MTR

And last but not least, the authorized individuals responsible for certification.

Individual who Signed MTR - How to Read an MTR

Just a reminder that the content of any certification depends on the various material specifications and standards involved and never ever forget to – CHECK THE SPECS!!!!!!

So that’s a wrap on our 3 part series of how to read an MTR aka how to read a material test report. Thanks for tuning in, this is Michael with Michael Talks Metal. Michlin Metals is a supplier and distributor of all things metal and steel. Check the website for more info www.michlinmetals.com. Still here and haven’t subscribed, click here. Missed last weeks video? Click here. Thanks for watching, see you next Thursday, same time, same place. I’m out!!!