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Today’s topic is a Nickel based alloy….  Hastelloy X when produced by Haynes International   or called alloy “x” when produced by other mills.

So what is Hastelloy X? Well, it’s primarily Nickel with Chromium, Iron,and Molybdenum as the major alloying elements.  The UNS designation for the chemical composition is N06002.

A solid solution strengthened material, it cannot be further strengthened by heat treatment. Is Hastelloy X Magnetic? Good question! Its austenitic structure is non- magnetic, so the answer is no, Hastelloy X is not magnetic. Typical solution annealing temperature is 2150 deg F.

Excellent strength and oxidation resistance at temperatures up to 2200 deg F;  this alloy is often used for combustion chambers, afterburners, and other high temperature aerospace components.


Hastelloy X UNS N06002 Chemical Composition: 
Carbon0.05 – 0.15 %
Chromium20.5 – 23.0 %
Cobalt0.5 – 2.5 %
Iron17.0 – 20.0 %
Manganese1.0 % Maximum
Molybdenum8.0 – 10.0 %
Silicon1.0 % Maximum
Tungsten0.2 -1.0 %
Sulfur0.03 % Maximum
Phosphorus0.04 % Maximum

Density:     .297 pounds per cubic inch

Typical room temperature mechanical properties in the solution treated condition:

Yield strength ……………  50,000  psi

Tensile strength ………..  115,000 psi

Elongation ………………..     45  %


Hastelloy X Specifications: 
AMS 5754Bar, Forgings, and Rings
ASTM B 572Bar, Forgings, and Rings
ASME SB 572Bar, Forgings, and Rings
AMS 5536Sheet, Strip, and Plate
ASTM B 435Sheet, Strip, and Plate
ASME SB 435Sheet, Strip, and Plate
AMS 5587Tube
AMS 5588Tube
ASTM B 622Tube
ASTM B 626Tube
ASTM B 751Tube
ASME SB 622Tube
ASME SB 626Tube
ASME SB751Tube


Specifications and part requirements can add to or modify the information we have presented today.


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