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Today’s topic is another of the Nickel based alloys….  Hastelloy C-22.   All Hastelloy alloys are produced by Haynes International or a licensee.  So what is Hastelloy C-22 ?

Well, it’s primarily Nickel with Chromium,  Molybdenum, Tungsten, and Iron as the major alloying elements.  The UNS designation for the chemical composition is N06022

A solid solution strengthened material and very ductile, it can be further strengthened by cold work and its non- magnetic in the annealed condition at room temperature….

With excellent corrosion resistance in  many aggressive chemical environments and its resistance to both oxidizing and non-oxidizing corrosion;  this alloy is often used in chemical processing reactors and heat exchangers. It also finds applications in marine environments where crevice or pitting corrosion is an issue. Higher Chromium content provides additional corrosion resistance to oxidizing environments as compared to C-276.

Density:     point 314 pounds per cubic inch

Hastelloy C22 UNS N06022 Chemical Composition: 
Carbon0.01 % Maximum
Manganese0.5 % Maximum
Silicon0.08 % Maximum
Cobalt2.5 % Maximum
Vanadium0.35 % Maximum
Sulfur0.03 % Maximum
Phosphorus0.04 % Maximum
Nickel56 %  ( Balance )

Typical room temperature mechanical properties in the solution treated condition:

Yield strength ……………  50,000  psi

Tensile strength ………..  105,000 psi

Elongation ………………..     65  %

Hastelloy C22 Specifications: 
ASTM B 462Bars and Forgings
ASTM B 574Bars and Forgings
ASME SB 574Bars and Forgings
ASTM B 575Sheet and Plate
ASME SB 575Sheet and Plate
ASTM B 619Pipe and Tube
ASTM B 622Pipe and Tube
ASTM B 626Pipe and Tube
ASME SB 622Pipe and Tube
ASME SB 619Pipe and Tube
ASME SB 626Pipe and Tube

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