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What’s up guys? Oh, this, you know what this is. Ever solve one? If so, comment below and let me know your time! We’re not here to talk speed cubing today….we’re here to talk metal. It’s Thursday, and you know that means only one thing, that Michael Talks Metal!

Today’s topic is another of the Nickel based alloys…. alloy 263.   Hastelloy C-263.  when produced by Haynes International or a licensee.  Other mills alloy 263   as in  Nimonic 263 when produced by Special Metals.

So what is alloy 263? Well, it’s primarily Nickel…… with Chromium, Cobalt, and Molybdenum  as the major alloying elements.  Titanium and Aluminum additions provide age hardening response.

The UNS designation for the chemical composition is N07263.

Age hardening is achieved by a two step heat treatment. Typical solution treatment is 1.5 – 2.5 hours at 1900 – 2125°F followed by rapid cooling. Aging treatments are typically 1475 deg F for 8 hours and air cooled.

This alloy is non- magnetic in the annealed  or aged condition at room temperature….

With excellent strength and creep resistance at high temperature, this alloy has many uses in aerospace applications at up to 1500 deg F requiring high strength. It is oxidation resistant at up to 2000° F.


Hastelloy C-263 UNS N07263 Chemical Composition: 
Carbon0.04 – 0.08 %
Chromium19.0 – 21.0 %
Cobalt19.0 – 21.0 %
Iron0.70% Maximum
Manganese0.60 % Maximum
Molybdenum5.60 – 6.10 %
Silicon0.40 % Maximum
Titanium1.90 – 2.40 %
Aluminum0.30 – 0.60 %
Titanium plus Aluminum2.40 – 2.80 %
Boron0.005 % Maximum
Sulfur0.007 % Maximum
Phosphorus0.015 % Maximum
Copper0.20 % Maximum

Density: .302 pounds per cubic inch

Permeability at 200 oersted:    1.0007

Elevated Temperature Mechanical Properties:

Minimum  mechanical properties in the solution treated  and aged condition tested at 1435 deg F:

Yield strength ……………  58,500  psi

Tensile strength ………..  78,500 psi

Elongation ………………..     12  %

Hastelloy C-263 Specifications: 
AMS 5886Bars and Forgings
AMS 5872Sheet and Plate

Specifications and part requirements can add to or modify the information we have presented today.

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