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What’s up guys?!?!?! It’s Michael with Michael Talks Metal. Back for more testin talk today!

In our last few weeks we were going through several of the non-destructive methods for finding physical defects in metal parts.

What are some of the other tests used to confirm that a part meets requirements?

Probably the most common is a hardness test.

Is a hardness test destructive or non-destructive?

If you answered “Yes”, you are correct.

Actually It depends on the type of test, the location of the test, and if the resulting impression would be acceptable.

Hardness testing  can be considered non-destructive when used on the components’ surface and a hardness impression is not objectionable.

Simple enough when the surface is typical of the bulk of the component and the configuration is accessible for performance of the test

But when the surface is expected to be different, then what?

For example, when used for case hardened materials, the surface hardness is a measure of an “averaging” of hardness in the case. A destructive test would be required to determine the actual case profile or the hardness below the case.

Hardness testing provides a simple method of confirming a heat treating process has met expectations at the specified test location.  Where the hardness requirement is internal, then the test is destructive to the component or sample. For example, a heat treated alloy steel component may have a hardness requirement both at the surface and below surface that needs to be met.

When a sample is used in lieu of the component, it is very important that it will represent the same results. More about this in our next video.

All Non Destructive Evaluation ( NDE) is intended to confirm the quality of a part and requires careful planning.  Many parts require inspections at multiple steps in fabrication.

If you are a regular viewer of our video series, then you know that  things can get very complicated in a hurry.  So for time 112 CHECK THE SPECS!!!!!!!!

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