Cybertruck showing a “rust” stain already?
Just the reminder that “stain less” not stain “free” is corrosion resistant as compared to ordinary steels. The
Tesla truck is reported to use a proprietary version of 301 alloy….. Not the most corrosion
resistant of the 300 series of alloys. It is cold worked to produce high strength, but this can also
lower the corrosion resistance a bit.
Bird droppings and road salts are corrosive enough to cause a discoloration to these steels if
they are allowed to act for a long period of time. The surface can also collect iron and other
minerals from hard water that will discolor on the surface but not cause any serious corrosion.
If you thought stainless steel would produce a maintenance free finish, check what it takes to
maintain a stainless kitchen sink and since you likely spent over 6 figures on your truck, clean it quickly. Check the specs