Custom 455 aka UNS S45500 is a precipitation hardening stainless steel alloy. It is capable of
higher strength as compared to other precipitation hardening stainless alloys. It is used in
applications that require high strength and corrosion resistance at service temperatures as high
as 800 deg F.
Material is premium quality with vacuum melting plus Consumable Electrode Remelting required
in aerospace specifications.
Heat treatment consists of a solution treatment; typically at a temperature of 1525 deg F
followed by rapid cooling..
Precipitation hardening is performed at temperatures that range from 900 to 1100 deg F
The H950 condition produces a minimum tensile strength of 225 KSI.
Aerospace specifications are:
AMS 5617 for Bars, Wire, and Forgings
AMS 5860 for Sheet, Strip, and Plate

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