What Is 17-7 and UNS S17700 – are they the same thing?

17-7 or UNS S17700 …… is a precipitation hardenable corrosion resistant “stainless” steel
Heat treatment consists of multiple steps….
First is a “solution treatment” or “solution anneal” at up to1975 deg F that is later followed by a
“conditioning “ treatment and a “precipitation” or “aging” heat treatment.
The result is a combination of strength and corrosion resistance used in applications that require
forming during fabrication. Final strength depends on the heat treatments and any cold work
Solution treatment is commonly performed at the producing mill and the precipitation treatment
after forming of the component part.
Common aerospace material specifications are:
AMS 5528 for sheet, strip, and plate ( Solution annealed)
AMS 5529 for sheet and strip ( Solution annealed and cold worked)
AMS 5568 for welded tubing (solution treated)

Don’t forget check the specs.

For more info on stainless steel grade 17-7 ph check out the material page or the 17-7ph long video here.