13-8 or UNS S13800 …. Whichever name you choose to call it …… is a precipitation
hardenable corrosion resistant “stainless” steel alloy. In aerospace applications it is vacuum
melted and CEM remelted
Heat treatment consists of two steps….
First is a “solution treatment” or “solution anneal” at 1700 deg F that is later followed by a
“precipitation” or “aging” heat treatment in the range of 950 to 1150 deg F.
The result is a combination of strength and corrosion resistance used in many applications.
Highest strength is achieved at 950 deg F and designated as H950.
Solution treatment is commonly performed at the producing mill.
Common aerospace material specifications are:
AMS 5629 for bars, forgings, tubing, wire, and rings
AMS 5864 for plate

Don’t forget, check the specs. For more info check out our grade 13-8 stainless steel page.