The Aluminum Tempers are as follows: (and there are more as well)

T1: Indicates the alloy was cooled from an elevated temperature shaping process like hot rolling, then naturally aged resulting in a stable condition and not  subsequently cold worked to increase strength

T2: Like T1 but cold worked and naturally aged.

T3: Solution heat treated, cold worked and naturally aged….Our 2011-T3 example is typically cold drawn and naturally aged in bar products.

T4: Solution heat treated and naturally aged…2017-T4  would not require any cold work between solution treatment and ageing to achieve properties

T5: Cooled from an elevated temperature shaping process and then artificially aged.  6063 – T5 extrusions would be aged after cooling from the extrusion temperature.

T6: Solution treated and artificially aged…Our example of 7075-T6

T7: Solution heat treated and stabilized… 7075-T7351 from our examples.

T8 : Solution heat treated, cold worked, and then artificially aged. 2011-T8 would be an example here

T9 : Ssolution heat  treated, artificially aged and then cold worked

T10: Cooled from elevated temperature shaping ,cold worked and then artificially aged.