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What’s up guys? Michael here… back for the one hundred and thirty sixth episode in our current series.  Last week our topic was one alloy in the family of Copper Nickel alloys known as Cupro – Nickel 90 – 10. Check the card in cased you missed it.

Today, we have its big brother…. 70 -30  Cupro Nickel UNS designation C71500.

Not surprisingly, the nominal Copper content  is 70% and Nickel content is 30 %.  Lesser amounts of other elements are permitted in its chemical composition.

Like all of the cupro-nickel alloys, it has excellent corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. In addition it has higher strength and resistance to erosion than the 90-10 alloy.

Typically used in parts requiring its sea water corrosion resistance, it is found in many marine applications, desalinization equipment, sea water piping, and heat exchangers.

Chemical Composition – UNS C71500
Nickel29.0 – 33.0 %
Iron.40 – .70 %
Manganese1.0 % Maximum
Zinc1.0 % Maximum
Copper65.0 % Minimum

Typical Mechanical Properties – Annealed

25 KSI  Yield Strength

60 KSI  Tensile Strength

45 %   Elongation

Machinability rating is 20 %

Joining can be accomplished by soldering, brazing, or welding

Marine, Military and Commercial applications have too many specifications and standards to list here. For the 136 th time, we remind you that specifications and individual part requirements can alter what we have shown you here today. So CHECK THE SPECS!!!!!  Twice

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