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What’s up guys? Michael with Michael Talks Metal back for episode 129.

This time we are going to go into more detail about a type of test we saw on our Inconel alloy 625 test certificate….. the Charpy impact test.

If you would like to see a brief video to visualize this test… click here

There are many others available but this one will give you the idea

Looking at the test certificate again, we see that both the material and test sample are in the annealed condition. Cold work or heat treatment are factors that affect impact properties.

Video 129 - Charpy Test Annealed Material

A standard 10×10 mm sample and standard 8 mm striker were used to break the sample.

Video 129 - Charpy Test Striker Sample Size

Next we see that the orientation is a longitudinal bar with the notch cut in the radial direction of our original round bar.

Video 129 - Charpy Test Notch Orientation

Impact properties can vary significantly with the orientation of the sample relative to grain flow of a metal during hot work. So to identify the sample orientation we have the longitudinal, transverse, and possibly a short transverse direction for the bar and then the notch to consider.

After that we have the actual energy absorbed in metric units Joules as well as english units Ft Lbs.

Video 129 - Charpy Test Energy Units

We also have the average of this sample and two additional that make up a test set.

Video 129 - Charpy Test Averages

Requirements can be for a minimum value for each test within a set, or a minimum average value of  the set, or a combination of a minimum average for the set and minimum for any single value

Next we have the test temperature, a chilly minus 75 deg F

Video 129 - Charpy Test Temp

In general, energy absorbed is lower with lower temperature. Some materials undergo a sudden and significant change so it is important that the test is performed at temperatures expected for its application.

After that we have the lateral expansion of the sample measured on the fractured sample as well as the observed % of shear in the fracture.

Video 129 - Charpy Test LAT and Shear

Well thats all we have for today…..  So any requirements for impact properties will be in the specifications so I will remind you to….Check the Specs !!!!!!

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