Michlin Metals specializes in Aermet 100 round bar. Having worked in the steel industry for over 30 years Michlin Metals is here to deliver your Aermet steel when needed to the shape, size, length and tolerance required. Being AS 9100 and ISO 9001 certified, all our Aermet 100 is fully traceable from melt source to end user.

When looking to source Aermet round bar it’s important to know where to buy Aermet 100. Michlin can help. Have a question about it? Click to chat right now and there’s someone available to help answer any questions about your requirements.

Michlin Metals has been servicing the aerospace metal industry for over 3 decades. Specializing in Aermet 100 round bar, we’re here to help! One of the best things Michlin can do to help, is to provide your mateiral ready to use. Meaning, if Aermet 100 round bar isn’t available on the shelf, Michlin can produce it to the exact requirements. Whether material needs to be ground to size, heat treated, bored, cut to length treepanned or water jet cut Michlin can deliver your Aermet rod or bar quickly, right to size and condition required. For more information about Aermet click here. 

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