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Our topic for today is A286! What is A286? Is A286 stainless steel? A286 is another precipitation hardening type of stainless steel high temperature alloy. The UNS designation for the chemical composition is UNS S66286 and the AISI alloy number is 660.

Capable of high strength after heat treatment and good corrosion and oxidation resistance , A-286 finds applications in aircraft or turbine components requiring strength and oxidation resistance at temperatures up to 1300° F. Oxidation resistance remains at useful levels at temperatures as high as 1500° F

For aircraft applications premium aircraft quality AMS 2300 and Consumable Electrode Melting (CEM) are requirements.

As in all of the precipitation hardening stainless grades, it receives a solution anneal that is followed by a  hardening treatment to develop final properties.

Solution treatment is typically performed by one of the following methods depending on specification:

1800° F  for 1 hour at heat, then cool rapidly to room temperature or 1650° F for 2 hours at heat, then cool rapidly to room temperature.

Aging: 1300 / 1400° F  for 12 to 16 hours at heat, then air cool

a second aging at 1200° F for 8 to 12 hours is sometimes specified to provide an increase in notch rupture strength.

A286 UNS S66286 Chemical Composition: 
Carbon0.08 % Max
Manganese2.00 % Max
Silicon1.00 % Max
Phosphorus0.025 % Max
Sulfur0.025 % Max
Chromium13.50 – 16.00 %
Nickel24.00 – 27.00 %
Molybdenum1.00 – 1.50 %
Titanium1.90 – 2.30 %
Aluminum.35 % Max
Vanadium0.10 – 0.50 %
Boron0.003 – 0.010 %

Density  .286 lbs per cubic inch in the solution annealed condition

Minimum  Mechanical Properties for Bars:

After 1800 deg F Solution Treatment and Aging

130,000 psi Tensile Strength

85,000 psi  Yield  Strength

15 % Elongation

20 % Reduction of Area

After 1650 deg F Solution Treatment and Aging

140,000 psi Tensile Strength

95,000 psi Yield Strength

12 % Elongation

15 % Reduction of Area

And now to specs! Holy Moly, look at all those. So, here’s the deal. A286 is an extremely dynamic grade. As you can see here, there are a ton of specs. In addition to that, they all vary significantly, so much that we decided to make this a 2 part video. Next week we’ll discuss these specs at length but for now, take a gander, and we’ll move on. Make sure to tune in next week for part 2.


AMS 5525

AMS 5731

AMS 5732

AMS 5734

AMS 5735

AMS 5736

AMS 5737

AMS 5895

ASTM A 483

ASTM A  638

But as we have told our viewers many times before, specifications and part requirements can add to or alter the information we have presented to you today. So for time 56  CHECK THE SPECS, then check them again.

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