A286 Round bar comes in a variety of specifications. In order to determine what works best for a given application one must consider the properties of each type before making a purchase. A286 comes in the following specifications for round bar:

A286 Age Hard – 1650° Solution Treated – AMS 5737, ASTM-A-638, Grade 660 Type 1, Class A

A286 Age Hard – 1800° Solution Treated – AMS 5732 (Supersedes AMS 5735), Grade 660 Type 2 Class B

A286 Solution Treated – AMS-5731 (Supersedes AMS-5736), Capable of AMS-5732

A286 “Cold Reduced” Capable of 160 KSI – Chemistry only to the following: AMS-5731, AMS-5732, AMS-5734, AMS-5736, AMS-5737, AMS-5853

A286 “Cold Reduced” Capable of 210 KSI – AMS-5726 – Chemistry only to the following: AMS-5731, AMS-5732, AMS-5734, AMS-5736, AMS-5737

For a video describing all the specs of A286 just watch below. Click here for a video on the properties of A286.


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