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Today we are continuing our series on Titanium with perhaps the most popular of the alloy grades. 6AL-4V and 6Al-4V ELI. As the name suggests, the nominal composition is 6 % aluminum and 4% vanadium and the balance titanium. ELI refers to an Extra Low Interstitial variant for enhanced fracture toughness characteristics.

This combination of alloying elements results in a mixed structure of both alpha and beta constituents. It can be used in either the annealed condition or in heat treated conditions to develop additional strength or fracture toughness characteristics.

General corrosion resistance is excellent and this alloy is highly resistant to sea water corrosion.

Applications include aerospace structural and engine components; chemical processing equipment; pressure vessels; medical instruments and prosthetic implants.

Is Titanium 6AL-4V magnetic? No 6AL 4V is not magnetic, it’s non-magnetic.

Density of point 160 lbs per cubic inch.

Mean coefficient of thermal expansion from 70-212°F – 5.0 micro inch per inch per degree F

Beta transus is 1800 to 1850° F

Now for some chemistry. For any of you that would rather read about this please see the link in the description to the transcript. For now, just a cursory glance at this chemistry for both 6AL-4V and ELI.

Chemical composition is designated as ASTM Grade 5 and the UNS designation is R56400 for 6Al -4V

Aluminum                  5.5 – 6.75 %

Vanadium                   3.5 – 4.5 %

Oxygen                      0.20 %  Max

Nitrogen                     0.05 %  Max

Carbon                       0.08 %  Max

Iron                             0.40 % Max

Hydrogen                   0.015 %  Max

Residuals, each         0.1 %  Max

Residuals, total          0.4 %  Max

Titanium                   Remainder

6Al -4V ELI  is designated ASTM Grade 23 and  UNS R56407

Aluminum                  5.5 – 6.5 %

Vanadium                   3.5 – 4.5 %

Oxygen                      0.13 %  Max

Nitrogen                     0.03 %  Max

Carbon                       0.08 % Max

Iron                             0.25 % Max

Hydrogen                    0.0125 % Max

Residuals, each           0.1 % Max

Residuals, total            0.4 % Max

Titanium                            Remainder

Mechanical properties vary by section thickness, heat treatment, and prior thermomechanical history.

6Al-4V alloy has numerous ASTM, ASME, AMS, and MIL specifications that vary by product form. These specifications and  any part requirements can alter  what we have shown you here today, so as we have said many times before….

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