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What’s up guys?!?!?! It’s Michael with Michael Talks Metal. You know what today is? Today is video 100 day!!!! We made it….We did it! 100 videos. 2 years ago tomorrow we put out our first video. Today, almost exactly 2 years ago to the day we started and today, we’re at video 100. I hope you have enjoyed the videos as much as I have enjoyed making them. Thank you for watching! I am grateful for the support. Today as you know is video 100 and no pun intended but our  topic for today just had to be……… you want to guess?????

Its 52100.  Could not resist.

Chromium  is the key alloying element and it has a nominal carbon content of 1 per cent. It can be heat treated to a thru hardness of 60 Rc in sections 1/2 inch or less. It is most often used in bearing applications. Other applications also require the wear resistance afforded by the high hardness after heat treatment.

It is available in all common product forms.

52100 Chemistry

Chemical Composition52100
ElementMin %Max %
* For AMS 6444 & AMS 6447

Small variations in these chemistry requirements exist in some specifications.

Response to heat treatment of standard samples:

63 Rc Minimum

Typical Heat Treatment Temperatures:

Anneal   1400 – 1450  deg F  slow cool

Austenitize   1525 – 1575 deg F

Temper  350 – 450 deg F

We have a few specs today so here goes with the more common specifications for 52100……

SpecificationProduct FormQualityMeltCondition
AMS 6440Bars, Forgings, Tubing2301VDSee Spec- Various
AMS 6444Bars Forgings, Tubing2300CEVMSee Spec- Various
AMS 6447Baes, Forgings, Tubing2300ESRSee Spec- Various
MIL-S-7420Superceded by AMS 6440, 6444, 6447

As always, details in specifications and part requirements can alter what we have shown you here today. You might have forgotten but again, just in case, this is video 100!!!! I can’t possibly forget to tell you to – Check the Specs…  Twice. This is Michael with Michael Talks Metal. Michlin Metals is a distributor and supplier of 52100, check the website for more info – michlinmetals.com. If you made it this far and haven’t subscribed, help me out! We’re almost at 1900, which is super close to 2,000!!!! Let’s gooooo!!!!! Thanks for watching , I will see you next week same time, same place, Thursday, 10am. See you there! This is Michael with Michael Talks Metal and that’s a wrap on video 100. I’m out!!!!!