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Our topic for today is another in our series on martensitic precipitation hardening types of stainless steel …… Custom 455 produced by CarTech. Thanks for watching, please consider subscribing and if you like the content, “LIKE” the content w/one of these thumbs up below.

UNS designation for the chemical composition of this alloy is UNS S45500.

Capable of higher strength and toughness after heat treatment than many of the other PH grades and with the corrosion and oxidation resistance inherent in stainless steels, it finds applications in a wide range of industries……..   from  aircraft and aerospace to chemical and environmental.

For aerospace applications, the alloy is premium aircraft quality where the cleanliness of AMS 2300 and multiple melting in vacuum are requirements

As in all of the precipitation hardening stainless grades, it receives a solution anneal that is followed by an aging treatment to develop final properties.

Typical solution anneal is at 1500 – 1550  deg F and then rapidly cooled to room temperature.

Aging temperatures are specified by the condition description:

The H900 condition  is aged at 900  deg F,  H1100 is aged at  1100 deg F, etc.

Aging  requires  four hours at temperature.  Cooling rate after aging is typically an air cool.


455 Chemistry UNS S45500 
Carbon0.05 % Max
Manganese0.50 % Max
Silicon0.50 % Max
Phosphorus0.04 % Max
Sulfur0.03 % Max
Chromium11.00 – 12.50 %
Nickel7.50 – 9.50 %
Molybdenum0.50 % Max
Copper1.50 – 2.50 %
Columbium plus Tantalum 0.10 – 0.50 %
Titanium0.80 – 1.40 %

Density  .280 lbs per cubic inch in the solution annealed condition

Minimum  Mechanical Properties:   H 950  condition –  Longitudinal

225,000 psi Tensile Strength

210,000 psi  Yield  Strength

10 % Elongation

40 % Reduction of Area

455 Specifications 
AMS 5617Bars and Forgings
AMS 5860Sheet, Strip, Plate


Bar and Forgings: 

ASTM A 564


Sheet, Strip, and Plate: 

ASTM A 693



But as we have told our viewers many times before, specifications and part requirements can add to or alter the information we have presented to you today….So  CHECK THE SPECS

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