440C Round Bar is contains a high amount of carbon and chromium designed to create maximum hardness. 440c is used in bearings after being hardened and tempered through heat treating. In addition when heat treated, 440 C maintains the highest hardness of any other stainless steel with a Rockwell C of 60.

440c Can be used in a variety of applications besides just bearings. 440 C is also used in valves, pump parts, bushings, cutlery and wear resistant components. 440 C is not recommended for use in elevated temperatures above 800°.

Through heat treating and tempering this material can become more corrosion resistant. Although time spent over 2000° should be brief, it is necessary to achieve the best carbide solution. 440C Round bar also comes in Vac Melt to AMS 5580 and AMS 5618.

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