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What’s up guys?!?!?! This is Michael with Michael Talks Metal back for more alloy allusions today. First up in our new series on aircraft quality alloy steels is 4130. Like all 41xx series alloys, Chromium and Molybdenum are key to its performance. With a nominal carbon content of point 30 %, it can be welded using proper procedure and can be heat treated to a hardness up to 35 Rc in sections 1/2 inch or less.

It is available in all common product forms.

Chemical Composition for 4130

Chemical Composition4130
ElementMin %Max %

Small variations in these chemistry requirements exist in some specifications.

Typical End Quench Hardenability (EQH):

35 Rc @ 5/16″

28 Rc @ 8/16″

Typical Heat Treatment Temperatures:

Normalize   1600 – 1700  deg F

Austenitize   1500 – 1600 deg F

Temper         750  – 1250  deg F

We have lots of specs today so here goes with the more common specifications for 4130……  We are using some abbreviations we presented in video 93. To review click here.

AMS / MILProduct FormQualityMeltCondition
AMS 6348Bars2301VDNormalized
AMS 6370Bars, Forgings, Rings2301VDAnnealed or As-ordered
AMS 6528Bars2304VDNormalized
MIL S-6758Bars2301VDSee Spec – Various (Could also be AMS S)
AMS 6350Sheet, Strip, Plate2301VDSee Spec – Various
AMS 6351Sheet, Strip, Plate2301VDSpheroidized
AMS 6356Sheet, Strip, Plate2301VDSee Spec – Various
AMS 6360Seamless Tubing2301VDNormalized or Stress Relieved
AMS 6361Seamless Tubing2301VD125 ksi TS
AMS 6362Seamless Tubing2301VD150 ksi TS
AMS 6371Mechanical Tubing2301VDSee Spec
AMS 6373Welded Tubing2301VDSee Spec
AMS 6374Tubing2301VD95 ksi TS
MIL T-6736Seamless or Welded Tubing2301VDSee Spec (Could also be AMS S)

As always, details in specifications and part requirements can alter what we have shown you here today.

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