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What’s up guys? It’s Michael with Michael Talks Metal back for espisode 131.

Our topics for the next few weeks will be in the red metals ……alloys of copper. Copper based alloys begin with the letter C followed by 5 digits in their UNS designation.  What are Brass Alloys? Good Question. Alloys primarily of copper and zinc are the brasses.

Let’s get to our alloy for today, a very common brass used in almost all industries.

360 brass, UNS C36000 is highly machinable due to the approximately 3% lead content. In fact, it is used as the basis of machinability comparison for other copper alloys. 360 brass is rated at 100% on this scale.

Parts can be readily joined by soldering or brazing. (which we mentioned in our previous video, see here)

You can find examples at home in hardware, plumbing fixtures, and fittings. Lead content precludes its use in contact with potable water.

Now for a little chemistry, remember how many of these I have done? No, well go watch previous videos!

Chemical Composition – UNS C36000 – AMS 4610
Copper60 % – 63.0 %
Lead2.5 % – 3.7 %
Iron.35 % maximum

Lead can be further restricted to a maximum of 3.0% by environmental restrictions


This alloy can be strengthened by cold work with the most common temper “half hard”  …. H02

Expected Mechanical Properties for:

Mechanical properties1″ round H02 bar:
Yield Strength25 ksi minimum
Tensile Strength55 KSI minimum
Elongation15 % minimum
RB Hardness65 – 85

The most common specifications are AMS 4610 for aerospace applications and ASTM B16 for commercial applications but as I have reminded you in each of these videos……….. specifications and other part requirements can alter what we have shown you today.

So for the 131st time, never forget to CHECK THE SPECS !!!!!!

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