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What’s up guys?!?! This is Michael with Michael Talks Metal back again musin on some metal. Today is our second look at 303 stainless steel , this time 303 SE which uses selenium instead of sulfur to enhance the machining characteristics.

This austenitic stainless steel alloy is considered to be one of the broadly defined “18-8” stainless steels.  The Selenium  addition increases the machinability of this grade while maintaining additional ductility for cold working or cold forming.

Where the corrosion performance is adequate, the benefit is in  fabrication and the productivity of machined components.

303 Se  can vary in its magnetic response depending on actual chemical composition and any cold work present. It should not be used for critical non-magnetic applications. Strength can be increased by cold work during mill production, but not by heat treatment. The solution annealed condition  (AKA Condition A) provides the best corrosion performance.

The high tensile strength condition is solution annealed and then cold worked to achieve the required properties ( AKA Condition B) .

303 Se        UNS designation S30323

Density:      point 29 lbs per cubic inch

Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion from 32 -212 deg F:

9.6 microinch per inch per deg F

Machinability rating: 78 %   (of 1212)

Chemical Composition

Carbon            0.12 % Max

Copper            0.75 % Max

Manganese      0.20 – 2.00 %

Molybdenum    0.75 % Max

Silicon              1.00 % Max

Phosphorus      0.17 % Max

Sulfur                0.10 % Max

Chromium        17.00 – 19.00 %

Nickel               8.00 – 10.00 %

Selenium          0.15 – 0.35 %

Mechanical properties of the high strength cold worked condition vary with the diameter. Smaller sizes achieve higher strength than larger diameters.

For comparison

Typical mechanical properties for a 1″ dia bar in the annealed condition (Cond A):

Yield Strength                35,000 psi

Tensile Strength             80,000 psi

Elongation                       50 %

Reduction of Area            55 %

Minimum mechanical properties for a 1″ dia for the high tensile condition (Cond B)

Yield Strength                 65,000 psi

Tensile Strength            105,000 psi

Elongation                        20%

Reduction of Area             35 %


AMS 5640 type 2

AMS 5738

ASTM A 582

Additional specifications and part requirements can alter what we have shown you here today. So for time # 71 CHECK THE SPECS !!!!!!!!!!! Michlin Metals is a supplier and distributor of 303 Se, click here. Missed last weeks video, click here. Still here and haven’t subscribed, click here. Thanks for watching, this is Michael with Michael Talks Metal, see you next Thursday 10am. I’m out.